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Zero Velocity Valve

Contact us for immaculate quality Zero Velocity Valves at competitive rates.  We are a reliable Manufacturer and Supplier of Zero Velocity Valves in West Bengal. The Zero Velocity Valves offered by us is designed to arrest the forward moving water column at zero movement i.e. when its velocity is zero and before any return velocity is established. Bulk orders of the Valves are processed by us as per the specific requirements of buyers.

The main advantages of Zero velocity valves are :

  • Controlled Closing Characteristics.
  • Low head loss due to streamlined design.


Purpose of Zero Velocity Valve :
Zero velocity valves are developed to eliminate water hammer problems. In common practices swing check valves are installed on the pump discharge end. Theoretically, swing check valves close quickly when the pump is shut off by actually not quick enough to prevent reversal velocity of flow. The flap of the swing check valves will slam against its body seat and will cause noise, vibration, pipe stressing and seat damaging. All these hindrance can be controlled by use of spring return zero velocity valve.

Application & Location of Zero Velocity Valve :
Zero velocity valve has function to problem for limiting water surge after power failure. Locations of the valves have therefore to be based on the results of the analysis of water column separation.
Zero velocity valves are so placed that the entire length of water column is suitably divided in spite of differing gradients and undulations. More than one valve may be required in such cases.
Zero velocity valve can be mounted in any position i.e. Horizontal, vertical or inclined pumping main as well as gravity main, due to to the center guided spring assisted designed. This eliminates the problems arising from from installing a valve in "Wrong" orientation or the necessity of changing existing lines to accommodate the valve design. Inventory requirements are reduced because one valve design can be used in a wide variety of application, regardless of the valve's orientation in the line (When the valve is used in vertical downward flow position, a heavier spring is simply substituted to compensate for the weight of the disc and stem).

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 30000 Piece(s)
Payment Terms L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Delivery Time 30 DAYS